Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Mom is emailing me the lyrics to Zipadeedodah

So. I cried. It wasn't until Fox News called the election that I finally started believing it. I'm not sure why--I think it was just too much a case of But I really thought Gore would win/But I really figured there was no way Bush could win again, and this election is so, so much worse.

Was. Cause it's done.

Dave and I actually turned the tv off--we were refreshing The Times constantly and texting friends and family, but the frantically blinking Pundits of PBS were making me stressed. So we played Rummy 500, and at the end of every hand Dave would go check the computer. He checked, and said "McCain's giving a concesssion speech." We ran to the television.

It was a wonderful speech. Friends have said they cried at his speech, not Obama's, because of McCain's grace and honesty. I have to say, I cried at Obama's. I cried most of all at the shot at the end, as Biden and Obama en famille had exited the stage, and he stood at the back smiling--finally a smile.

And I cried this morning when Meghan, my acutely intelligent iPod, randomly played Springsteen's The Rising (and then, amazingly, Signed Sealed Delivered right after). The streets seemed brighter, more energized somehow. Feels different already.

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Anonymous said...

My oh my, what a wonderful day!