Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Woman On The Bench

Every morning when I walk to work, and every evening when I come home, there is a woman sitting on a bench in the park. She started sitting there about three months ago, and frankly, in a city, homeless people pretty common and don't usually make it into blog posts.

But there's something about this woman--something about her makes me very clearly notice her both times every day. She's decently-dressed, hair looks brushed, and she's got a big black suitcase near her. And she's always looking around anxiously. I feel like she's waiting for someone--as if she's run away from some abusive relationship, and her boyfriend was supposed to meet her. "It was this bench, right? He'll be here soon, right? Right?"

I know I'm romanticizing. Maybe she's looking around anxiously for an 11-year-old to buy her suitcase full of crack.

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