Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aislin, the Statement Sweater

So after all that bragging about how quickly Aislin was flying along, it ended up just kind of sitting and whimpering in the corner.

There were a couple of reasons for this--1) I'd loaned out my Size 8 circulars. Which was stupid and should never, ever be done, but you know. It happens. 2) It required finishing. I haaaate finishing. The fire of a thousand suns, and all that. I think my hatred may in some ways stem from not being very good at it--and I don't much care for doing things I don't do well--and so I've often thought about perhaps taking a class and getting better at it. But then, that will never happen, because why on earth would I pay a couple hundred dollars to spend hours of my time finishing?

See, it makes me italicize. I hate it.

I do not, however, hate the sweater. I kind of love the sweater.

While knitting, Harmony shed all over me. But perhaps in the ripping out and the re-knitting, it lost most of its looser fibers, because I wore Aislin all day yesterday--over dark pants, no less--and didn't shed at all. And it's sooo soft. And light.

I'm a little concerned that the stripes combined with all that rufflage look mildly clownish, or anyway slightly more eye-catching than your usual sweater.

But I love it anyway.

Incidentally, Dave has been after me to get labels made--for items that I've knit for people, etc. I've been reluctant because a) it seems a little pushy and weird and anyway what would the label say? and b) it would require more sewing.

But I've finally struck on a good solid reason--see that sweater in that photograph? It's on backwards.

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ziarah said...

That sweater is lovely!

Personally, I think tags are a good idea - if not on the garment, then perhaps on a card to go with the garment with the washing instructions and a "handknit by.."-thing