Monday, March 2, 2015

A Sad Day For Interchangeable Circular Needles

I am depressed, people.  Because I have love for things, and they just don't love me back (which probably says something about my materialistic affections...)

I am speaking of interchangeable circular needles.  What To Knit When You're Expecting was written using Denise Interchangeables, and they were great but after a while the 5 needle kept slipping out of each wire, and the wires just weren't bendy enough for magic loop and magic loop is where I live, man.  

So for Toddler Years, I gifted myself with a set of Knitter's Pride Interchangeables because of the pretty wood and the flexible wires and the smooth join and the significantly cheaper price than Addi Clicks.  And they've been great--I love the way they feel, and sure they untwisted sometimes and stitches would fall and I would yell, but if I remembered to tighten them periodically that didn't happen.

But the problem, once again, is magic loop.  Even when using a nice long wire, the stress of magic loop seems to be too much for the needle, and the cord rips out of its metal base.  I sent one back, and within a project or two, it had ripped out again.  And sure, I'm not using a 60-inch wire or anything, but I think 40-inch is plenty, especially since the whole point of magic loop for me is that it's nice and compact.  If I wanted wires all over the place I'd use two circs, but I don't. 

I superglued the second detached wire back in place, but I'm wondering if I should get another set.  Or should I not?  Will I have this problem again?  Should I get another cord, a really long one? 

I am sad.  I love my Symfonies.  They do not love magic loop, and therefore they do not love me.


morgancesa said...

I have a set of Knitter's Pride needles (the rosewood cubics) and a set of Addi click needles (the latter was a Christmas gift from two siblings who chipped in together). I have to say I don't love the Knitter's Pride for magic loop. I find the cable isn't really flexible enough (even when it is much, much longer than needed) and the stitches at the ends always seem to be pulling.

I love the Addi's for Magic loop. I've also heard great things about ChiaoGoo needles -- they screw in like the Knitter's Pride, but the cables are nylon covered steel cables and have no memory at all, which makes them wonderful for magic loop (or so I've heard). The person who recommended them is a very prolific knitter, so they get a lot of heavy use. I think the price point is closer to the Knitter's pride, so they might be an idea to check out.

Hope that helps!

Renee Anne said...

I'm no help because I don't ML (two circulars or DPNs is how I roll)......but I've heard that about the Knitter's Pride and the Knit Picks needles. ::sigh::

Heidi said...

Get the Addis- you won't regret it. You write whole books on knitting! You deserve nice needles!

Nikki Van De Car said...

Thanks everybody!!!

I feel much warmer and fuzzier, toward interchangeable needles, and the world in general ;)

Jeanne Jenks (whiteangelbird) said...

I started with the Denise Interchangeable s and liked them ... but then moved onto Knitpicks. I love them and have used them for magic loop and had no problems.

Lynnette said...

I had the exact same problem with the #5 Denise!! I gave up when I was using it and the needle snapped in half. I know Denise is great about exchanges, but by that point, it just seemed like too much trouble. How many times can your work fall off your needle before you just give up??

Unknown said...

I cracked and broke so many Size 1 Knitter's Pride wooden circ needles that I changed to 60", Addi Turbos for all my Magic Loop from Size 0 to 5. I am in Magic Loop Heaven!!!! And Baby Blankets are a snap with the 60".

Anonymous said...

Feeling your pain re the circular needles - but only because I hate circular needles. Give me good old click clacks any day lol

Anonymous said...

This thread is older but I still got a lot out of it and am posting my thoughts in case someone like me also gets ideas from it down the road.

I am in love with the Denise. I tend to avoid #5 needles even when called for. I'm impatient so I go to 6s and 7s and with baby stuff that just gets you a garment w more ease which they eventually grow into anyway. I cannot figure our magic loop. I mean, I can but it seems to be almost as much trouble as DPNS. WHICH by the way I do using Denise's without a wire, bc they are tapered on both ends! If there's not too many stitches to do, they work fine as DPNs. But I have extra sets so that gives me 5 to work w/. Now I am curious about this concept of two circulars... with the shorty Denise wire that should not be too bulky! I will try it! Someday maybe I'll "get" ML.

Before I sign off I must say how much I love BOTH the WTKWYE books! I hardly ever want to knit EVERYthing in a book (especially baby books, ech, usually frumpy w maybe one or two good patterns.) Your patterns are so nice. Clean, natural designs w a modern, hip edge (but not too modern/hip), great yarns that are nevertheless easy to sub for, and great range of patterns. Happily working my way through the book several times :-)

With your books as a template of what I like and am looking for in a baby pattern, book, I have since found a couple other books that I like quite a bit. But yours are still top dog! Thanks :-)

Nikki Van De Car said...

This makes me incredibly happy!!! Your comment completely made my day--and to be honest, it's a day when I'm looking at my yarn and needles and design work with a slightly disgusted eye (more on that soon!) So extra thanks for the boost!

coursework writing service Uk said...

I experienced the same problem with #5! The needle split in two after I stopped using it. Denise is a natural communicator, but it seemed like too much trouble at the time. Before you give up, how many times do you have to let your work slide off your needle?