Thursday, July 10, 2014

Romper-Type Person

So I made myself something else!  And once again...I'm not sure I like it.  Sigh.  I'm wondering if perhaps I'm just lacking in self-awareness when I'm picking out patterns.  Puffed sleeves?  I like them in pictures and they're all Anne of Green Gables and everything, but come on.  I don't wear puffed sleeves.

The same is true with rompers.  I love rompers when I see them.  They look so comfortable, and even when they are waaaaay too short for the women wearing them I think they are cute and fun but I try one on and say whoa that's waaaaaaaay too short for me never mind.

So I figured, I'll make one!  I'll make it so it's not too short!  I'll make it in the most fun fabric I can find--look, tiny guitars!  Or maybe they're mandolins or lyres...whatever.  I like them.  And it is fun, and rompers are fun, but.....

Sigh.  Maybe I'm just not fun.


But look!  Buttons!  I made buttonholes!  Bask in my buttonhole-making glory!

In theory, I don't dislike it.  I just haven't, you know, worn it outside yet.  On other women I think they look sexy but on me they just kind of look like I'm a 5-year-old.  I want to be the kind of person who wears rompers.  Romper-wearing people are happy and fun and know how to have a good time and get dirty (not that I would ever want to get my guitar-mandolin-lyre fabric dirty) and be the best mothers ever.

I'll just have to put on some Laurie Berkner and drink a lot more caffeine.


HoleyFiber said...

Just for the record - you do look sexy and fun in your amazing romper! I hope you will summon your courage to get outside - the world deserves to see it! The fabric is fantastic, and it fits so well!

mrsrobinson said...

That is a lot of buttonholes... very impressive! And from here, your romper looks most fun and most certainly to be worn so everyone can see and say "my, where did you get that happy romper?"and you can say "why thank you, I made it. And please look at these buttonholes..."

Anonymous said...

Adorable! You really look quite adorable in those rompers.

I made a dress with 2 slits and shorts underneath - matching with my young daughter.

Maybe you can add a skirt for around the romper.