Thursday, December 19, 2013

I know someone who doesn't read this blog

'Cause, you know, she can't read.

I made her this for Christmas.  In case you haven't seen My Neighbor Totoro, it's a Miyazaki movie from 1988 and is just about the sweetest and most magical thing in the world.  It was Willow's very first movie, and we chose it carefully.  She adores it.  We have it from Netflix, and we haven't managed to remove it from the dvd player, much less return it. 

The pattern is here, and I made the larger Totoro by using Sweet Georgia DK held double with US 9 needles (not my most favorite idea ever, in retrospect, but I wanted the yarn to be the same for both and I didn't want to shop for anything when I have so many freaking leftovers on hand), and then worked the smaller Totoro as written.   The designer warns us that the pattern can be daunting--it was tricky; definitely something I had to pay attention to, but fun in that way.  I had originally planned on knitting acorns and maybe leaves and some soot gremlins too, but by the time I finished the Chibi Totoro I was too lazy to even sew on felt eyes, so he got demonic button eyes instead. 

I think she'll like them anyway. 


Anonymous said...

You're so sneaky! And an awesome mom. Merry Christmas to both of you!

Elisa said...

So cute! she will love

toni p1 said...

Your Willow has excellent taste. That's one of my favorite movies too! She'll love the Totoros.