Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Ponies

Oh, the Ponies.  They are taking over our lives.

We do, from time to rare time, pretend to be something else (Zowie and the robot family from Rolie Polie Olie, some rockin' chickens from Chicken Dance) but most of the time we're ponies.  All of us.  Dave is mainly (wait for it) Big Macintosh, Princess Celestia, or Secora the zebra.  Toaster is Hoity Toity, or Rainbow Dash if he's lucky.  RockNoodle is frequently Fluttershy or, since she does the voice so well, Rainbow Dash.  And Willow and I?  God knows.  It changes by the moment.  I can be Rarity or Applejack or Fluttershy or Twilight Sparkle or Pinkie Pie, or we can go deep and I'll be Silver Spoon or Scootaloo or Sunset Shimmer or Photo Finish or Derpy.  And I have to get all the voices right.

It's very stressful.

The situation has not been improved by Willow converting RockNoodle to the pony love.  Now the two of them discuss ponies and pony family history and pony cutie marks and their favorite episodes and they are equally delighted by it, but since I look at Pony Show Time as  a time to either cook dinner or spend twenty minutes not being a pony I can't participate in the conversation so much and then I get in trouble because I'm still expected to know this stuff.

RockNoodle was Applejack for Halloween (really Applejack from Equestria Girls, to be specific--check out the ears, they're perfect).  Willow desperately wanted to be a pony, but she also desperately wanted to be an owl again (we have not abandoned our owl roots!) so she found a way to be both.
 She was, alternately, Apple Bloom dressed up as an owl for Halloween, or she was Owloysius (from the episode Owl's Well That Ends Well, of course). 

I panic slightly at the obsessive behavior, mostly because it makes me have to work harder at memorizing stuff, but then I calm down because I, er, can't really judge.  Both of these girls come by their obsessive behavior honestly, and I can attest to the joys of really, really getting into something.

Plus it's kinda fun to talk like Applejack.  I stink at doing Rarity though.

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