Tuesday, October 29, 2013


If the looks I got from people walking by my house yesterday are any indication, there is nothing more ridiculous than a woman and a toddler trying to hand-sand furniture on their front porch.

Willow has just about outgrown her "Big Girl Bed" (which we now refer to as just "bed") and is ready to move up to a new "Big Girl Bed!"  (Should we call it "Bigger Girl Bed?")  So we found her nice, actually-made-out-of-wood, fairly classic-looking bed that was free, and since it's all scratched up, we figured we'd paint it, and Willow could pick out the paint, thereby making the transition much easier.

So yesterday Willow and I went to Lowe's, and Willow picked out (you'll be shocked by this) pink paint, and it isn't that horrible either, and then we went home.  That was sort of going to be the extent of my bed-related effort yesterday, except Willow was super excited, and she wanted to paint it.  I did a little research on what was involved, determined that we were not going to be able to apply four or five very thin coats of paint to ensure an even finish, as was suggested, nor were we going to go back to Lowe's and buy a sander.  I did find one lone square of sandpaper at the back of the closet, and after hauling all the pieces upstairs and onto the porch, I sanded. 

I'm not sure why my sanding abilities (or perhaps inabilities) were a source of such amusement to all passersby, but there you are.  Perhaps it was Willow's attempts to help that were so funny...she was not much for the sanding, but she did help dust.  Bonus: we both got filthy that way!

Anyway, whatever, my wrists and my square of sandpaper and my sense of shame had all had about enough of this after the headboard and one of the side rails, so we packed it in.  And laid out a tarp and pulled out some primer and Willow and I wiped down the pieces and then we painted them.  Willow's painting involved drawing letters and swirls and kind of smearing places where I had painted things nice and smooth, but she worked hard.  In fact, Willow totally helped with every single step of the process, and even if three-year-old help is more of a hindrance, I am so proud that she wants to help, and tries so hard. 

However.  Two hours of work and all we have is two pieces sanded, one side of each of those two pieces painted with primer, and we're out of sandpaper.  At this rate, Willow and I should be done with this project by her birthday. 

Oh, and Daddy found some free bookshelves and brought those home and said, Willow, would you like to paint this pink too?

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mrsrobinson said...

The bigger girl's big bed will be so much more special after all that work! Do hope you share a photograph...