Monday, November 18, 2013

I Want To Sleep Here

 We finished!  Willow's bed is finished!  And all the fears I had about her not wanting to sleep in it/freaking out/falling out despite it being pushed against the wall and having that guard there--totally unrealized. 

Okay, okay.  The sleep has been terrible, but I don't think it's the bed.   Because look!  It's so cheery!  I want to sleep there.  I'm actually planning on it one of these days...I'm going to go take a nap on Willow's bed while she's at school.

Dave's even worse--we set it up, and he said "Hmmm, you know, next time she gets sick, maybe I'll sleep in here while she's in the bed with you.  Does she seem a little sniffly to you?"

Which isn't to say that we didn't do an absolutely appalling job painting the thing.  Willow's "help" while mostly well-intentioned, resulted in a lot of paint everywhere, most of it on me, though there was that one time she painted the bottoms of her feet.  So...the bed is full of drips and smears and smudges.

But it is full of love. 

And it's fantastic for jumping.


toni p1 said...

Can I come and sleep there? lol!

HoleyFiber said...

Congratulations! The bed look perfect and so comfy! I am sure you will cherish all the smudges as years go by (unless Willow insist on repainting it when she is a teen) :)

mrsrobinson said...

Such a cheery bed... with delightfully special splodges! Who wouldn't want to sleep snugly in there?