Friday, September 6, 2013

Toddlers and Trees

Day 1

In which we arrive after Willow fell asleep on the final plane ride and so is awake enough to put on a fairy costume sit with Grandpa and listen to crickets and try not to be afraid of them while Dave and I try to stay awake.

Days 2 - 4

In which Willow roams around the yard and we try to stay awake some more. 

Day 5

 In which we go to Punalu'u, a black sand beach, and then take one of the prettiest drives ever.

Day 6

In which we walk down to a much-less-accessible black sand beach, down in Waipi'o Valley, where we play in the river at the mouth of the ocean and marvel at the beauty and then nearly expire on the way back up.

Day 7

In which we walk beneath some very tall trees at Ainahou Ranch and Willow catches her first skink.

Days 8-11

In which we go to Kona and mostly lay by the pool but also take pictures of Willow and pictures of Maui and more pictures of Willow.

Day 12

In which we see beautiful mountains and beautiful family members.

Day 13

In which we visit all our favorite places one last time and Mommy gets maudlin with the black and white setting on the camera.

 And so we say goodbye.