Thursday, August 8, 2013

Birthday Photos

Yesterday was my birthday, and so I did precisely what I did last year--I spent the day doing things Willow really, really enjoys and taking pictures of her while she does them.

Though it, uh, may not appear that way to my blog readers, I don't take nearly enough photos of my kid.  Is there any parent that feels they are anything other than delinquent in this regard?  Anyway, the situation is hereby rectified.  For now.

We got all dressed up in our floweriest dresses and went to that Palace of Joy, that Land of Enchantment and Effervescence--The Liberty Science Center.  (Gasp!  Again?  No way!)

After shoveling rice and playing with balls and blocks and checking out the fish, we visited that new place of wonder (for us, anyway): The Wildlife Challenge, where one can be a squirrel, an egret, an inchworm, a rat, a spider, and a frog.  For my girl, there is nothing better. 
After a nap (because dammit, after a trip to the science center on my birthday, I was going to get a freaking nap out of her if it killed me) we took ourselves and our camera to Van Vorst Park and continued the documentation:

 Momentary sadness
 All gone!
And then Daddy met up with us and we went for dinner and it was delicious and even Willow thought so and so it was a spectacular birthday.

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