Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rippling River

I have attempted, this time around, to use yarns that are machine-washable, if not dryer-ready (I couldn't bring myself to go quite that far) but sometimes some rakish skein of yarn came along and seduced me and I strayed from the path and frankly it was worth it every time.

This time, it was particularly worth it.  Acadia, by The Fibre Company, with its nubs of silky color, is so beautiful, and so soft, and who doesn't want something soft and beautiful around their neck?!  So it might get drooled on a bit.  Who cares.  Toddlers deserve beauty as much as anybody else.

This is a loose cable pattern meant to imitate the ripples a river makes as it winds its way around the rocks.  I knit a cowl too, because some of us are cowl people, and some of us are scarf people, and we declare ourselves young.  (I like scarves.  Willow likes cowls.)

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regina said...

Another beautiful design, Nikki!