Friday, June 14, 2013


Well, illness has beseiged us once more, so we buckle down with fairy stories (mine by Maggie Stiefvater, my new favorite author ever how did I miss out for so long but lucky me because now I can read her collected works, and Willow's by, um, Golden Books Anonymous, but still a very touching story of a merbaby saved by a fisherman) and so, I give you the Lily Beret, for it is delicate and lacy-fey.

I treated myself to yet another Madelinetosh yarn for this one--Tosh Merino Light, to be precise.  It was originally meant to be a cloche, pinned up with a contrast color flower, and I do still want to make the cloche one day, but the Tosh did not want to, and so on a long-suffering eight-hour car ride to New Hampshire, this is the hat we could agree upon. 

It's knit on US 4's, so not a quick hat, but it won't take you absolutely forever either, and it isn't long before the lace gets going.  We discussed the shape of that lily several times, Tosh and I did, and finally settled on something rather spiky and sharp.

And here's our Queen attempting to seduce a hapless Thomas Rhymer.   Doomed forever.

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Marie said...

I'm so glad someone else talks to their yarn. :) I love the hat. It's lovely and adorable at the same time.