Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Overalls, Hot Mitts, and an excuse to put an owl in a picture

 Man.  Rowan Denim.  I'd been curious about that yarn forever and so when I was all, "oooh, how about overalls!  Everybody loves overalls!"* I saw it as an opportunity--nay, an imperative--to use Rowan Denim. 

And then, about six rounds into leg one, my fingers turned blue.  So did my wooden needles.  Even after washing, I had a little blue wedding ring that stayed for days and days.  Funny, Rowan didn't mention that in the yarn description.

Were they worth it?  You tell me.  I tried to make them as homey and miner-overalls as possible--hence all the garter and wooden buttons.  They're a little baggy around the waist, but rather than work in any elastic, I decided to keep in with the homespun theme and wove in a drawstring, to be tied behind the bib.**

And here's a gratuitous owl photo.  Well, not really, since those hot mitts are hanging in Willow's toy kitchen and are a new pattern too, but the owl is gratuitous.

*Excepting, of course, my own child and any potty-training child, but never mind that.

**You know, to make it extra challenging for potty-training children.

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