Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Makes My Daughter Go CRAZY.

I'm not sure what happened.  It started in the days leading up to the morning of, and we didn't even make a big thing--frankly, it was so early this year and so in the middle of everything still so freaking cold out that we had kind of forgotten about it.  But Easter made Willow insane.

First of all, her love for lamb has always been profound.  And by that I mean love of the meat, not the animal.  The animal is cool, she'll snuggle with a stuffed animal if its offered, but as far as Willow is concerned, the cuteness of a little lamb is far outweighed by its taste.  Specifically, the meat next to the bone, and the marrow.  She asked for a lamb bone for breakfast.  Not having spare lamb bones lying about, she had to make do with cereal.

We drove up to Massachusetts on Good Friday to visit with family and see if we could score Willow some more lamb.  We went to see children's performer Jeremy Lyons with Francie and Charlie, and Willow was, again, insane.  Before the show even started, she's up there at the front of the stage asking where the mosh pit is and dancing all by herself.  Francie got seduced into joining this madness, and the two of them danced with absolutely no awareness of the beat or whether anybody else was dancing or whether they were about to kick somebody in the face.  And sometimes they would run over to sit on my lap.  I have to say, I thought that part was pretty nice.

We had Easter dinner on Saturday night since we needed to drive back on Sunday (and score!  More lamb!)  And on Sunday morning we devoured only the smallest amount of the chocolate the Easter Bunny hauled all the way up to Massachusetts--very restrained, really--and went a-hunting for Easter Eggs in Francie's back yard. 

Willow's strategy may perhaps not have been the most successful--believing, I assume, that since this was Francie's territory and she knew it best, Willow just kind of followed Francie all over the yard and picked up the few Francie missed.   On the other hand, poor Charlie was left mostly mystified by the whole thing, and when he did miraculously find an egg he needed to defend it with his life.  Luckily, Willow left her basket lying on the ground in favor  of rolling around shouting "Poor Samuel was completely buried" over and over again for half an hour (don't ask), so Charlie got to eat all her treats. 

So yes.  We did a lot in three days.  Except sleep.  We didn't do any of that.  Willow was waaaaay to excited for that.

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