Friday, November 16, 2012

How many plagues are there?

I'd say we have The Plague, only it seems that we as a household have several of them, and they don't seem to be the same.  It started with Willow, who after a day of normal energy and good cheer, spiked a fever and was up all night.  But then was totally fine the next day, a few days of sniffles notwithstanding.  Then me, nauseous and dizzy because of, um, excessive earwax throwing off my internal balance (shut up.  It happens.)  But then that cleared up completely, so much so that Willow and I spent the afternoon making sausages (if you call adding spices and stuff to ground turkey and rolling it into a link and naming it merguez making sausages) and practicing our knifework (me on onions and fennel, her on playdoh) and then drinking a martini with Daddy when he got home (Willow skipped that one).

Now some may say that my puking my guts out over the toilet two hours later could have been because of the irrationality of compounding inner ear problems (but they'd cleared up!) with alcoholic beverages, and I would agree with you, and did, and cursed the martini, except that I woke up the next day with the inner ear still totally all cleared up but with the nausea emphatically not (and don't even say the word hungover.  I went to college.  I am my father's daughter.  I do not get hangovers from one tiny martini).  I spent the next two days either wishing I would throw up or actually doing so.

And then it was done, and I'm totally fine.  Only now RockNoodle has a sore throat and a high fever that resists ibuprofen and water and rest, and who knows what will happen next! 

I'd like the plague of plagues to end.  But keep an eye out for locusts.


Laura said...

I've got friends puking from Tampa to Denver to freaking Oslo, Norway. Must be the season. Soooooooo sorry. :(

Renee Anne said...

Both Little Man and Husband have been sick in the last couple weeks. Little Man got the snots and sniffles and Husband basically had the flu (the real kind, not the puke kind that everyone thinks is the flu). Thankfully, I never got it...and hope not to. We shall see :)

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