Friday, November 2, 2012

Back Online!

And totally safe, water-free, and with power.  And internet, obviously.

Before I give you our account of Hurricane Sandy (because you're bored of them, right?  It's all you're hearing?  I mean, there's only so much tragedy and flooding and utter craziness we can take) I'll tell you about what hit us right before:  Hurricane Van De Car.

My mother and father, brother, and niece all came to visit the week before the storm.  And, comically, there was confusion after confusion over when exactly they were staying, and so I got a call from my mom on Sunday confirming their train plans for 7, which I took to mean (confirmed by what my calendar said) that they would be arriving on Monday at 7.  Because being an utter control freak, it never occurred to me that anyone would leave things to chance and book their train tickets the day of.  Who does that??  (Most people, Nikki.  Most.)  So they got here and we had no food for them, despite having planned every meal of their stay down to the sides and beverages.  There are times when planning does you no good.  (This theme will recur.)

But we bought them mediocre pizza and beer, and so all was well.  One thing to know--while Willow sees her grandparents fairly often, she had met her cousin Kahiapo exactly once, and that was when she was five months old.  So while we were very hopeful, we didn't know how they would take to each other.

It was worship at first sight.  I don't think Kahiapo managed five minutes in the bathroom without Willow hammering on the door, but she handled that well enough, and is in fact the sweetest, kindest, most good-natured girl I've ever had the pleasure of foisting my toddler on, and I am proud to be related to her.

Sadly, I don't have too many photos of the visit, mostly because we didn't want to hamper our visitors with our nap schedules, so they often went off on their own to do stuff, or we sat around and relaxed, to the extent that we were able.  But we did take them pumpkin picking.

Grandpa pulled them in the wagon because Kahiapo had walked all over the city, and Willow went wherever Kahiapo did.  Also, fun!  And a smoother ride than the hayride.

It was a big field o' pumpkins, and as things turned out, a blessing to have been able take that drive to see all that foliage.  

Kahiapo and Willow both picked out their pumpkins (though not without several facers in the mud by Willow) and then we drove home to see RockNoodle and Toaster for some side-by-side pumpkin carving and cleaning.

Parenting moment of the year, right there.  Look at Kahiapo judging me.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, we started to get word of the storm, and while Uncle Dave and Kahiapo were headed out the Saturday before anyway, my parents got a little bit worried (okay, a lot worried, and reasonably so) and in the (again, understandable) haste of the airline companies to get everybody out of there on time, ended up leaving two days early, and with only about half an hour's warning.  Despite the fact that we'd just had a lovely week, and that we are going to see them in about a month and a half, it was very sudden and none of us were prepared, so it was a bit more emotional than it needed to be.

Because, you know, of all the love.

Next: Hurricane Sandy, and how we feel very, very lucky.


Liz said...

Glad to hear you're all right :)

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

Good to hear that you're alright! We survived down in Western Monmouth county, but the Shore towns got hit so hard. =(

On the other hand, Amazon showed up with your book on Thursday afternoon and it's lovely. =)

Nikki Van De Car said...

That photo of the rollercoaster in the bay is beautiful and tragic...

You're so lucky you have mail!! And I'm so glad to hear you like the book!

Jenny Rae Rappaport said...

I know, it's so odd. We have mail, but no garbage pickup on my side of our development--we've been sneaking over across the street to dump food in their dumpsters. And I have power and heat, but my parents and in-laws are still totally in the dark for both.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to adapt some of the patterns in the book for a toddler size.

toni p1 said...

glad you're all ok.