Thursday, October 25, 2012


 We finally have all the knitted items from What To Knit back at home with us.  I'm working on toddler-sized patterns now, and everything in that box seems ridiculously tiny!  Willow is currently helping me sort through everything--and trying on a tutu and a chickadee hat, because that girl never met a tutu or a bird she didn't like.

I should probably wrest the stuff away from her soon...but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.  I'm very glad to have it back, but what happens now?  Do I start giving them away?  Do I just pack them in a trunk?  I don't have much experience with a sudden influx of FOs--usually it's the other way around.


Auntie Dawn said...

If nothing else, I think you need to keep the Chickadee hat and the tutu!

Nikki Van De Car said...

No kidding. The chickadee hat has been appropriated. The tutu is under lockdown.

Rachel said...

You could auction them off for charity!