Monday, October 15, 2012

Circle Thing Dunks

Circle Thing Dunks are the bane of my existence.  And I don't even know what they are.

About three weeks ago, Willow had a dream in which we went shopping at a store and the lady took us back into the storeroom and brought out some circles (?) for Willow to wear and we ended up buying the purple one.  At least, I think that's what the dream was--it rambled a bit, as dreams do.

But here's the problem: Willow does not understand that this was a dream.  And so every few days, she demands to be taken to Circle Thing Dunks.  "Oooh, yes, I want to go to Circle Thing Dunks so I can get the purple circles from the lady!  Yay Circle Thing Dunks!  Let's go, Mommy!"

"Nooo, sweetie, we can't go to Circle Thing Dunks, because it isn't real.  Remember?  It was just a dream you had. "

"Mommy, please, I really want to go to Circle Thing Dunks!"

Repeat a few times, and end with "Okay sweetie, I hear you, maybe we'll go later.  Like when you're sleeping."


Mommy stops talking because she honestly can't think what else to say.

And then, last time, as we were driving to Hoboken: "Oooh, there's Circle Thing Dunks right there!  Let's go!  Let's go to Circle Thing Dunks, Mommy!"

"Uhhh, what?  Where's Circle Thing Dunks?  Where?"

"Oooh, it's right there!  Out the window!"

Out the window is a very depressing-looking assisted living facility.  "That's Circle Thing Dunks?"

"Yes!  Oh, yes!  Let's go, Mommy!"

"Um.  Okay.  Maybe we'll go to Circle Thing Dunks someday soon.  I'm sure that would be...nice for the people who live there."

"I want to live there, Mommy!  Let's live at Circle Thing Dunks!"

And let me tell you, at that moment, it sounded kind of appealing. 


mrsrobinson said...

So funny to read someone else's toddler conversations... though maybe not so fun when you are the one trying to reason with them! I have purchased, and made, my first pattern from what to knit (not that I am expecting, but lovely knits for all my friends who are!) the Sophie blouse was a dream to knit... thank you!

Nikki Van De Car said...

Oh, I'm so glad it turned out well! Please send photos!

Mia said...

Love this hat!

mrsrobinson said...

See my Sophie blouse here!

Hmmm... hope the link works

Nikki Van De Car said...

Mia--I know, right? It's Missoni by Target--I want to recreate it!

mrsrobinson--it's delightful! And I love it with the red, and those tiny stripey pants! Polly (or Polly's mom) is going to love it!