Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heading Out (Again)

Can it be?  I was just about to say that I think I may have to legally change Willow's name to Arnold, since she absolutely refuses to answer to anything else, when lo and behold, her name has changed again!

She is now Strega Nona, that ancient witch from Calabria.   I think it's an improvement, but that might just be because of the variety.

In any case, Strega Nona and I are about to depart once more--this time for a place much, much closer, and where she's never been.  We're going to Cape Cod, Dave's second home (in dreamland, that is) and we haven't been there in years, and so everyone's very excited.  Strega Nona is coached on the names of the beaches, restaurants, activities, and wildlife.  By the time we get there, she'll be reciting historical Cape Cod facts and giving directions to passing strangers.


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Laura said...

Come back. I'm bored.