Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Home Alone

There is nobody in my house except me.  It's eerie.

Willow is over at a friend's house--we've started a babysitting swap, so Jen takes Willow on Tuesday mornings, and I take Buster on Thursdays.  Today is the first day.  We're halfway through.  I've done all my chores, I made my merguez for tomorrow night's dinner and my miso butter for tonight's dinner, and I'm currently at a bit of a loss.  So....I'm going to post pictures of Willow on the internet!

Before we hid the eggs, we dyed them, and I was honestly so excited about the bicycle-riding on Friday that I neglected to post pictures of that activity, which is a shame because they're beauteous.  

Toaster made this incredible Charlie Brown egg, while RockNoodle made my favorite egg down below--the one on the second row from the top, second in from the right (next to the French egg)--it looks like a Monet.  Willow was very focused and very neat, if not terribly creative, and so her eggs are the ones that are intensely colored. 

And they are now all gone. 

Update: She had a great time.  She didn't want to leave, in fact, despite bribes like pears and peanuts.  And then she conked out half an hour after we got home.  What do I do with myself now?

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Kelly said...

Wow, home alone! You should be knitting! Or doing something you can only do when you're alone.... like taking a bath and reading a good book. :)

I've only been home alone once since my son was born.... and I only spent a few minutes on chores. A babysitting swap is a great idea!