Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One-Sided Conversation

11:00 A.M.

Upside down!
Read Clifford.
Not sit on lap.  Stand.
Turn the page.
Loving kisses!  Loving hugs!
Read Strega Nona.  Bring Penguin.  Penguin is a stuffed animal.
Strega Nona!  Strega Nona!
Nose.  All have noses.  Mommy and Willow have noses.  And book persons.
Turn the page.
Strega Nona.
Turn the page.
Again!  Read it again!  Cackle cackle!
Singing fish song.
Mommy sing it.
Penguin sing it.
Lalalalalala.  Vague approximation of fish song.
Read Olivia.
Again.  Read it again.
Read it again.
That Olivia lying down.
That Olivia upside down.
You go upside down.  Sees ball under chair.
Get shaky ball.
Open your purse.
Put ball in.
And click shut.  Runs to RockNoodle's room.
Have this gecko.  Small stretchy 10c toy.
Climb in box.  RockNoodle's room has a large box for Willow to play in.  Box falls over.
Coming out.  Of box.
Want some fries, gecko?
Come out, get some food.
Willow made a mess.
Willow made a messy mess.
Gecko have mittens on.
Like your tongue.
Gecko being airplane  Whoosh!
Willow holding gecko.
Watch him fly.
Watch him jump in water.
Willow jump.  Back in the box.
Gecko coming up.
Going down.
Coming up.  Up there.
Jack in the box!
Just like clown.
Willow bending gecko's tail.
Just like outside.  ?  Does she bend geckos tails outside and I just don't know about it?
Get Barbie.  Willow loves RockNoodle's Barbies, and there is nothing we can do about it.  Sigh.
Barbie climbing.  Gecko climbing.
Everybody is awake.
Lots of Barbies.
Lots of Barbies go for a walk.
Lalalalalalala.  Barbies dance.
Jumper time!  Barbies go in jumper!
Aaaaaaaaah!  Barbies fell out of the jumper.
Mommy help you.
Watch them go fast.
Watch them.  They fly.
Fly fly fly.
Come out, Barbies!
Give Barbies ponytail.
And Willow.
All have ponytails.  We go to my bedroom to get hairbands for ponytails.
One for Willow, one for Barbies.
How pretty, Barbie.
Mommy and Daddy went shopping, Barbies.  ?
All have ponytails.
And Barbie and Willow.
Fly!  Fly!
Climb haystack today.
Lots of haystacks.
Brush my teeth.  Discovers used pregnancy test I'd saved for sentimental reasons under my dresser.
No.  Not toothbrush.
Where are you, Barbies?
Barbie looks cute.
Another get naked.  ?
Wrap her up.  In blanket.  Several minutes of silence.
She's awake.
Wear a shirt, Barbie.
Curl up.  Sudden frustration with wrapping.
Manananana No no no no nonononono!
Hungry.  Get some food.
Bring crazy butterfly.  Another toy.
Willow made a mess.
Want lip balm.
Want some more.
Lunch.  Come crazy butterfly.
12:00 P. M.

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