Friday, September 30, 2011


I hate cutting Willow's bangs.  She hates it too.  And while we get many compliments on her Canadian Rock Chick hairstyle, I don't feel like it's really her.

So yesterday she and I ventured out to a big girl hair salon (I figured, hey, make it an occasion rather than torture).  I wish I had pictures of her in the swivel chair looking at herself in the mirror, but I had to keep her on my lap to keep her from squirming.  (Further assistance of books and snacks were also required). 

Just a simple bob, long enough to permit pigtails if they are desired, and I asked that the bangs be extra short since, hey, who wants to put scissors by her eyes anytime soon?

That's my pretty girl.

1 comment:

love2stitch said...

She looks so grown up already with her new do.

Soon you will be happy if she won't spend all your money getting styled at the hairdresser ;-)