Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Circumstances Conspire

Recently, there have been many, many bad things happening.  Thing One, and really probably Thing the Largest, I have not been sleeping.  For months now.  Don't know why, went on meds, don't like meds, went off meds, and am back to not sleeping.

Thing Two, Willow is not napping.  What with the explosions of words, climbing, and singing, we've entered another one of those The World Is Far Too Exciting For Sleeping phases, and so despite being so exhausted she's crashing into stuff and tripping over her own feet, she will not sleep.  She will fight against being cuddled or read to sleep, she will scream and scream for hours if left in her crib to fall asleep in her own time--but she will go to sleep within minutes if you put her in a stroller or into the car.

Thing Three, there was a hurricane.  Which made strollering impossible (see Thing Two) and since we had Toaster and RockNoodle safe on higher ground, there were many of us who were very tired (see Thing One and Thing Two) and very cabin feverish and therefore very crabby.

Thing Four, Friday was our anniversary.  Which is obviously not a bad thing in and of itself, except for how we forgot about it (see Thing One) and we had the kids that night.  We shrugged and figured oh well, we'll just celebrate on Sunday.  Except for there was a hurricane (see Thing Three).  Again, oh well, we could just celebrate another day, except somehow this seemed like the worst thing ever (see Thing One).

Of course, Things never turn out to be as bad as you expect them to be.  Thing Three dissipated, sending Toaster and RockNoodle safely to their mom's so we could celebrate Thing Four.  Thing One may resolve itself if I quit drinking entirely (is it worth it?) and hey, it's sunny out today so Thing Two will work out as well, for now.

I've been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss, which may account for all the Things.

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