Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Clean Fun

So we're having pasta with meatballs for dinner tonight (I'm one of those parents that has meals planned, like, days in advance, and gets all panicky without a plan, as if the children in my house would starve if we didn't know what they were going to eat, had taken surveys, and had compared said plan with the plans of other days).  We made this pasta sauce last weekend, and since the instructions sounded particularly fun for small fry, we invited RockNoodle and Willow to help with the preparations, specifically squishing the tomatoes:

Willow: What is this we're doing?  And why is it that I have to be naked to participate?  Neither of you are naked.


Willow:  I'm allowed to do this?  Really?  No way.  You're teasing me.  Any second now Daddy's going to put down the camera and snag me away.  I'm not even going to reach my arm in there, because I know what will happen the moment I do.

Willow:  Okay, I caved. 

Willow:  So what do I do?  I pull out the tomatoes and throw them on the floor?  I rub them on RockNoodle's arm?  What?

RockNoodle:  I should have gotten naked too.  I like this shirt.

Willow:  Whoa.  Just....whoa.


Anonymous said...

I love it!
Auntie Annie

Lainey said...

Love this!!! Too cute, as always!! I'm like you tho, I plan most of my meals.

Rachel said...

Priceless! I love it when kids help cooking and get messy! Makes it so much more fun for them!
I am a huge planner for meals too, makes everything easier and cheaper. You spend less on food since you go to the store with a list! OH and you eat before you go, that way your not tempted by other tasty food items! :P