Friday, March 11, 2011

Things That Are New In My House

--Possibly the ugliest Pillow Pet in the world (monkey, in case you disagree), who was slobbered upon at the store and had to be purchased and has been ignored ever since.

--Nothing staying where it belongs.  We pick up a cup from the kitchen, we carry it to the bathroom.  We drop the cup, and pick up a piece of toilet paper.  We carry that to Toaster's room, where we pick up his deodorant and bring it to the living room and bury it in the couch.  And so forth.  All day.


--Sitting and snuggling on the big chair in the sunshine for about half an hour every morning.


--The following words: alligator (because of the alligator drawing on our shower curtain), hi (obvious reasons), apple (no idea, she never even eats these).

--Terrific fashion sense.

General wonderfulness?  Not new.


Vicki Suan said...

Okay, so Emily and I awwwed at every picture but she thinks the best one is the fashionista Owl-shirt-with-tights pose. Love the bangs, too! She's just way too cute.

kate said...

I heart her haircut. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

So is she just like her mommy and tippy toeing every where?

Love the pictures and stories.

Miss you guys,
Auntie Annie