Thursday, March 3, 2011

That's My Good Girl

We are still suffering under the yoke of the cold that won't go away.  Willow is really, really ready to be done with this, and her patience for being unable to breath, for dripping snot, for having snot wiped, for having her sense of balance be all screwy--it's just about gone.

Last night, Toaster and I were trying to distract her from just sitting and crying by stacking some blocks.  Normally, this would require immediate knocking over.  But with the cold, even the temptation of stacked blocks couldn't move her.  So we tried some tried and true reverse psychology.

"Oh, no, Willow!  Don't knock the blocks over!   Don't do that!"

And my poor, sweet, good little girl just shook her head.  No, I won't knock the blocks over if you don't want me to.  I promise, Mommy.

Toaster and I just about died from the sweetness.  We told her that it was really okay to knock the blocks over, and that she should if she wanted to.  And she very tentatively reached out, looking back and forth at each of us to make sure this was what she was supposed to do, and she very gently touched the block tower.

I know that this won't last, that we will indeed be employing all the tricks necessary for raising a toddler, but wow.  That's my good little girl.

I hope you feel better soon, honey.

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