Friday, February 11, 2011


Officially, Willow and I declare: it sucks.   %V^^ VBK*( (  ***

Expletives typed by Willow.

I must be the only knitter in the world who hates Winter.  Every October, I'm all, yay!  Time to bring out the sweaters!  And that's great, but it only lasts until late November, and we've got a million more hours of even frigider weather to withstand.  All of which is to say that I'd be happy enough with just Autumn, and we could skip over Winter entirely.

Willow and I get out of the house to go grocery shopping, and that's about it.  I know that we could got out more, but we really don't want to.  It is unpleasant out there.  I'd like to request that Winter come to a close so that my child doesn't expire from a lack of Vitamin D.  Thank you.

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Dave said...

I hear it'll be 49 (!) Monday! So there's hope.