Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where's My Lighter?

We're still doing fine.  Mornings are hard (this morning was especially hard) but she goes down for a nap and to bed with absolutely no fuss at all.  Next time there's a hard thing coming up, I'm going to dread it for weeks and months and stress over it--so as to ensure that it will be easy as pie.

But what with the dread and the guilt, Dave and I wanted to do something really nice for Willow this past weekend--so we took her to her first concert.  I think I've mentioned on here what a huge Elizabeth Mitchell fan she is; having first heard You Are My Flower at age six weeks, she has continued to listen calmly and contentedly to everything Elizabeth Mitchell puts out--and believe me, we now have the collected works. 

 We got her all dressed up, and I got all dressed up too in clothes I haven't been able to wear in years for reasons of pregnancy and then inaccessibility.  (I'm trying to see the perks here, people). 

 And this is how she watched the show.  Utterly still, and utterly silent, and completely riveted.  Except she usually also had a teething ring in her mouth. 

It was pretty cool.

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Namra said...

It's always a pleasure to revisit your blogs, and the consistently remarkable effort shines through with every visit.