Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weaning, Part II of What I'm Sure Will Be Many

Well, I got my period, so that must mean that there's some weaning happening, right?

It's slow going, and discouraging.  Not in that I'm any less inclined to do it--I am very much ready to be done with this, but between one thing and another, I'm not sure it's ever going to happen.  We have a very slow tooth coming in, and between that and general babyness, she's been getting up almost every night and coming into our bed (to nurse, of course) and so is in fact nursing more than ever.

Or so it feels.  Obviously, this can't be true, since my boobs are feeling more deflated than ever, and Willow has taken for asking for a drink of water when she's finished nursing, so really, something must be going right, but last night, for instance, she just would not go to sleep.  Would not.  Had no interest in it whatsoever, and ended up crying herself to sleep almost an hour past her bedtime because we couldn't figure out any other way.  So depressing.

I know that someday this will all be a dim memory.  I would just like that day to be as soon as possible. 


Gina said...

She'll eventually find some other way to calm and relax herself. You could help her by establishing a bedtime routine so she knows what to expect. If you keep letting her into your bed to nurse, she'll just keep trying and will be even more persistent.

This too shall pass. Good luck!

Laura said...

There has to be some simple solution here. I'll bet you can find one. Maybe give her a special night-time only sleepy bear to hug or one of those stars-on-the-ceiling glowing ladybugs to stare at? Something slightly mesmerizing, or at least distracting?

My heart goes out to you, kid. It ain't easy. And then you finally finish and everything's good... and the emotions kick in. Whoa nelly. That's rough, too.

Rachel said...

Saying no at this stage must be so hard! Eventually you'll find something that works for you and Willow. My friend took her daughter to Build a Bear to make a special night time bear, and she said it helped a lot. Plus they get to help make it themselves! It will pass eventually.
Good Luck!

Nikki Van De Car said...

I like this idea of a light or a bear. I like that it is simple, and purchaseable, and therefore something I can actually accomplish.

Willow napped today without nursing--because she was so exhausted from not going back to sleep before dawn this morning because I refused to nurse her back. So score one for me! Deprive the child of sleep and therefore she will not need to nurse!