Monday, December 6, 2010

Sheldon II

I have made another Sheldon.  He is smaller, and shall be known as Junior (For now.  Francie can call him whatever she wants).  He is made out of Takhi cotton classic, using size 2 needles for the body, which is why he's so shrimpy.

Junior: She just called me shrimpy!  That's mean!
Sheldon: Yeah well, you are.   Let me tell you the facts of life, kid.  You're a toy.

Sheldon: You will never see the outside world.  The closest you will get to a turtle's natural habitat is a potted palm.
Junior: I don't think I'm of tropical descent.
Sheldon: You're not.  You're made of cotton.

Sheldon: This is your natural habitat.  Plastic toys that make annoying noises.
Junior: That doesn't sound like a cat at all.  It sounds ill.

Sheldon: You will be stripped naked and have your photograph splattered all over the internet.
Junior: This is so humiliating!  Why is she doing this to us?
Sheldon: Hey, she took pictures of her baby and put them up.  Why should we be immune?
Junior: There should be a law against this.

Junior: What are those?
Sheldon: They're cars.  Get a good look, because once you're delivered to your owner, you will be forever trapped.

Sheldon: And your owner will be a baby.  Not this baby, but a baby much like this one who will try to rip your limbs off and chew on your soft underbelly.
Junior: Noooo!  Save me!

Sheldon: There is no escape.  You will be played with, and then left for dead.
Junior: Can't...roll....over...

Sheldon: This is it.  This is your life.
Junior: I'm naked.  And shrimpy.  This sucks.


regina said...

That's pretty damn funny.

kate said...

Favorite post ever. I heart Junior.

Laura said...

1. You probably have too much time on your hands.
2. That is HILARIOUS!!!!!

Lainey said...

OMG!!! I LOVE THEM!!! I love the whole post!!!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty it.