Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Retrospective, Part II

Baby Surprise Jacket just didn't work out for me.  Oh, sure, it looks great on her here, but note how short the sleeves are.  Because right up until this moment, the body was huge on her, and it just looked weird and uncomfortable.

I mean no disrespect to Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I swear.  The fault must be mine (and I think part of that must have to do with my yarn choice.  I guess?  I don't know.  I got gauge.)

Similarly, my beloved Surprise Bonnet is now frogged.  It was never worn.  I loved making this, though, and I think it's beautiful, so I might make it again for some other, presumably less hat-hating baby.  And I'd make it smaller. 


love2stitch said...

The jacket looks so cute and fashionable on her - aren't we all wearing 3/4 sleeves these days :-)

HoleyFiber said...

Lovely colors for the jacket. I think it looks great right now.
And I don't think there is such thing as a hat-loving baby. It seems to be their first natural instinct to pull any hat off their heads. So I'm sticking to hats with ties - at least they will exercise their fine motor skills while trying to remove it! :evil lough:

Laura said...

I happen to like the sleeve length, but no matter. Anything you do looks a million times better than anything I could ever do in my dreams!