Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh, right, Merry Christmas

I've been kinda Scroogy this year.  Part of it is that Dave, Willow, and I will be away for the holidays, but mostly it's about lack of funds.  I don't think Willow will notice or care, but I'm worried that Toaster and RockNoodle will look at the very small pile of presents in the corner not under a tree because we're not getting one, and feel less than merry.  Christmas is normally my very favorite time of year, but this year I've been sort of dreading it.

But RockNoodle turned all of that around.  At first, I admit, she just confirmed all my worst fears by crying about our lack of tree, until Dave and I realized that what she was crying about was not necessarily an $80 tree, but a lack of Christmastime magic.  And so yesterday she got out her Tiny Tim suit and gave us all a lesson in Christmas.

First we went to see Santa.  Look at that elfin grin on RockNoodle's face--and shockingly, Willow didn't cry!

Then, RockNoodle had us go down to the basement and uncover all the Christmas decorations and together she and Dave hung them up all over the house.  There are Christmas lights strung on palm trees, across the windows in the tv room, and there are ornaments everywhere.  On doorknobs, on lamps, on potted plants.  The stockings are hung, the nutcrackers are out, and frankly, it looks beautiful.  It's like the house is one giant tree.

Willow is particularly pleased.  She seems to have already realized which stocking is hers, and keeps wanting to visit it.  The lights, the decorations, everything are such a thrill for her, and I'm embarrassed that on this, her first real Christmas, I was totally just going to pass it by. 

Thank you RockNoodle, for reintroducing us to what Christmas is really all about.


Laura said...

This one hits soooo close to home. Good for RockNoodle for having such enthusiasm and interior decorating skills. Sounds like a great kid!

Andrea said...

Oh man, that is cute. Almost teary-eyed cute!!