Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Heartless Bastards

Matt Saracen and Lyla Garrity, that is.

Dave and I had what I hope will be the last "Lyla is selfish and annoying no she isn't yes she is well anyway she's pretty so what" argument, but that's not even why Friday night's Friday Night Lights made me mad.  Yes, I knew Matt was going to leave, and yes, I even think he should leave, but that scene with him driving away and smiling while Julie was crying on the floor and his mom was looking after Grandma Saracen (okay, I know it wasn't while, but still) seemed so unlike Matt.  And I want to know how those implied conversations went.  "So Grandma, remember when I said I would never abandon you?  Well, uh, I take it back.  My mom, whom you hate, will sack up and take care of you forever all by herself.  Cool by you?"

It just left a bad taste in my mouth.  Of course, said taste may just have been the bitter sadness of No More Matt Saracen, and I should be more like Julie and "go forth and prosper young man, let's go to concerts!" but I'm not.  Clearly Julie is a way better girlfriend than I ever gave her credit for being.

But Heartless Bastards!  And HEM!  Do we think there's a deleted scene somewhere with a Hem concert?  Probably not, no, but what a weird and great shout-out.  And how hilarious that they were going to an "indie music concert" in Austin that is not South By Southwest--although, as Dave pointed out, it's the wrong time of year for SXSW. 

Oh fine.  So Matt Saracen is trying to be happy.  Which is what I've wanted for him for four years (well, really six months, but four years of his pretend life.  And really probably much more than that).  And so while I, like Julie, find it somewhat unfair that his happiness has to come at the expense of mine, well, that's just because I'm not as good a person as he is.

And Dave promises me that Julie won't date JD McCoy and I won't have to endure some enforced growth of his character, because I really don't think I could take it.

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