Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And on the East Coast we have...

Dave's family!

Willow's been busy, man.  She saw just about all of her family in less than a week, and we all live in a total of 5 different states.  One of which is Hawaii. 

But her favorite family member is Baby Francie:

Or maybe she's just my favorite.  Little elfin fairy child.  Talks way more than Willow does, and sounds kind of like a kitten.  We tortured them, and then took photos:

Matching outfits are hi-larious.  Or at least Francie thought so.  Willow was more like, yo, we don't look anything alike.  At all, dudes.  You're just kidding yourselves with this.

And then Willow tried out all Francie's toys and declared that Francie's house is way more fun than our house, and she'd like to move in with Auntie Kate, please.  Which I totally knew was coming, I just thought it would happen when she was like, five, not five months.

She was awesome in the exersaucer.  She went all the way around the whole thing in about ten minutes.  What does this do?  Dog barks.  Cool.  What about this?  Balls move.  Got it.  Triangle thingies are soft.  When you punch the sun it bounces back.  Rockin'.  I got this shit wired, yo.

(Not sure why Willow's all faux gangsta today.  What can you do.)

I regret to tell you that however smart she may be, Willow is vicious.  She tried to eat Francie.  Note Francie's look of utter disdain.  "My mom will totally pull me away in time, so just slobber away, droolface." 

In short, a fun time was had by all.


kate said...

Do I even need to comment on how funny I find this?

Oh, and now I'm totally going to work to displace francie as favorite family member. She WILL grow up, you know. Then what?

Laura said...

Your child is HILARIOUS! I love it!

Jody said...

I've been reading your blog for just a few days, just finished your Maile cardi. Willow is so cute, keep up the blogging as she is my baby fix since all mine are nearly as big or bigger than me now!