Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teething Bites

Dear God Almighty.  And sorry about all the grass pictures--they just came out really cool.  Although obviously she wasn't completely into it.

But teething.  Our baby reference book says it doesn't exist, and that babies just go through a natural, Freudian-type oral stage, and parents just attribute any fussiness at that time to this mythical "teething" thing, and we should all just stop whining, blah blah blah.

Let me tell you, I know natural, normal fussiness.  I experience it regularly.  But then there is unholy crying and frantic gnawing and whimpering, the likes of which will haunt the downstairs neighbors to the end of their days.  We experienced one of those days last weekend, on, wouldn't you know it, a particularly busy day, when we had breakfast with friends, visit with friends, a baby shower, lunch with friends, and all that happening in Brooklyn at basically the same time. 

There's nothing like going to a baby shower and terrifying the new mother-to-be with your hysterically sobbing child.  Over the course of the day, we tried those homeopathic tablets, ibuprofen, and beer-via-breastmilk--surely some combination of the three would help, right?  But nothing did.  And then when she finally fell asleep, Dave woke her by yelling at the asshole that wouldn't let us in the line to go through the Holland Tunnel.

Fun times.  And we don't even have the first tooth yet--do we seriously have to go through this for 20 teeth?  Seriously?  There must be some other way.

This isn't really the proper expression of horror that would suit the topic, but I just like ending the posts with a picture, relevant or not.  And this one kills me.


Laura said...

It gets better. I swear. It does. You have those chilled teething rings and chewy, nubby butterflies and stuff, right? Would she chew a frozen banana?

Oh, and the doctors will swear up and down that teething is never associated with fever and loose stools and that they must be unrelated, but I think that's utter bunk. The ONLY time my kid had those symptoms in her first 3 years of life was when cutting a tooth. Come to think of it, it was a doctor who told me I had a 0% chance of getting pregnant. I think maybe they're overpaid.

Amy Bailes said...

Like Laura said. It does get better but you will probably have to go through this a few more times. Some teeth hurt, some don't.

And I agree (again) with Laura about the fever and the loose stools. Mysterious fever in the middle of the night? This last tooth, my DD fever got up to 104.2. NOT FUN!

Anyway, relax and enjoy. Soon she'll have a mouthful of teeth and the best smile in the world!

Laura said...

Please come back and post soon. I'm BORED!!!