Friday, April 23, 2010


I rolled over!

And I'm so damned proud of myself.  But I still won't smile at the camera.

It was a two-step process.  On Rollover Day One, I got my hips over, but my arm was pinned.  On Rollover Day Two, I could get my arm out, but only with a lot of effort and whimpering.  On Rollover Day Three, I could do it all in one smooth move, and now I can't be put down without rolling over, because rolling over is the best thing ever.  The only problem with it is that then I'm on my tummy, and I don't like that.  Put me on my back please so I can roll over again.

I have discovered the joys of television.  It is fascinating.  Would somebody please make the big black box move again?  What's happening?  I need it.  Did y'all know that Firefly is the best show ever?  Although I'll watch anything, including the home shopping network.  And while my mommy deplores this screen love of mine, she has to admit that I come by it honestly and she has only herself to blame.  But sadly I'm only allowed to watch tv when she needs me to be distracted from something, like when she's trimming my fingernails.

I've also discovered the joys of my feet!  This is another thing my mommy and I have in common.  We both think my feet are awesome!  I have to fight with her for them, because she always wants to play with them, and honestly, they're my feet, and I should have dibs, but she's bigger and stronger and so bossy. 

So on this particular occasion, shown above, I peed on her a couple of times.  So there.


kate said...

Holy F, when did she learn to type? We're all screwed.

Laura said...

Awesome. Rolling is so exciting. Parker liked it so much she skipped crawling entirely and just rolled from place to place.