Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The First Bath


I live in fear of Willow suddenly dying--you know, we'll be sitting there, and she'll be dead.  Because that happens all the time.  Irrational fears seem to be part of the territory.

But fear of drowning--that's perfectly rational.

Willow's first bath was an event--my mom stood by and instructed, Toaster and RockNoodle stood by and watched and added commentary, and Dave documented.

The child does love her baths.  She sits very calmly and quietly, and just relaxes her body into the water.

She relaxes so much, in fact, that she dunked her head in.  I nearly drowned my daughter in her very first bath.  It's all uphill from here, right?  Yeah, just leave your Mother of the Year award at the door.

Her hair is all falling out.  She looks like she's undergoing chemotherapy.

But she's very good-natured about it all.  (Most of the time).  (Most of the time except at 2am).  (And 4am).

I'm about to give her my first solo bath.  Wish her luck and survival.


regina said...

When Toaster was a baby, I used to have anxiety dreams that I was driving into the ocean with him in the back seat and I couldn't stop the car, no matter what I did. It gets easier, as does bathing them. You'll be just fine. I think I told you that I was terrified to bathe Toaster at first, and only gave him sponge baths until Nama came over and showed me how to hold him in a way that would prevent me from accidentally drowning him.

Laura said...

So cute!!! I remember that feeling. They're so darn slippery!