Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At Home

Well, after having spent only 1/3 or so the last month at work, we've all just given in and put me on bed rest. Bed rest as in, I stay at home and move from couch to couch--I don't have to stay in bed, thank God.

I'm wondering why I'm not happier with this situation. I'm certainly happy about not having to struggle every day to see whether I can make it to work--that was stressful and hard. But I'm less happy than I would have thought I would be to have hours and hours of tv watching and time to myself.

It's not the loneliness so much--I love being by myself. I spent a whole summer sitting alone at my parents house every day and was a very happy clam indeed. But I did stuff every day--I played loud music, I made complicated meals, I baked, I biked, I sat out in the sun, I did indeed watch tv but less than you might think.

It's hard to enjoy yourself when you feel sick and tired all the time.

But--it is much better than the alternative, and I'm doing fine. I put back on a pound (!) of the weight I lost, so all this lying around is clearly effective and useful. I do fear that the blog will suffer though--I'll have plenty of time to write, but what is there to say? "Today I got up and had a smoothie. Most of it stayed down. I read. I took a nap. I pet the cat. I had another smoothie." I'll try and think deep and inventive and entertaining thoughts, but I don't hold out much hope for success. My brain feels mushy.


Anonymous said...

Hi ! I'm actually glad you're staying home now. It made me sad to think about you sick and on your way to work. Too bad Granny can't go over to keep you company for a while. You and she are kindred spirits...Auntie Dawn

Anonymous said...

Tell us more about RockNoodle and Toaster...they sound so cute. Hopefully you're well enough to churn out the knitted goods, so photos work well also.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world, at least you'll be better in a few months :)