Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Sister's Dress

Something is awry with my knitting.

I'm just not enjoying any of it. Even something as cute and clever as this little dress (Little Sister's Dress, by Tora Froseth), and I really disliked every minute of it.

Maybe it was the US 3 needles, which I have in Addi circulars, which are lovely, but the needle length is too short and cramps my hands.

But no, I switched up to US 4 needles, and their needle length is fine.

Was it the excessive stockinette? But most things have excessive stockinette, and I get confused by anything more complicated right now.

Was it the yarn? Using leftover sock yarn isn't exactly inspiring, but it is thrifty. And it's not like it was bad sock yarn.

It couldn't have been the pattern, which was clear, and clever, and charming in all ways imaginable (though I did have to imagine, since I personally didn't find it any of those things, I just knew that it was).

I think it must be me. There's been a great deal of complaining going on here (not to worry, there isn't any coming at the moment. Or only very minor) and things aren't any better, nor are they likely to get better anytime soon (soon being a relative term, of course. I don't have long to go with the pregnancy, it just seems like forever). And it's kind of infecting everything. Milkshakes don't taste as good when they're all you can eat. And powdered protein drinks really don't taste good. And even old standbys like Buffy and knitting are hard to enjoy.

Still. I know that this is a delightful, sweet little dress. And I know that this pregnancy will be over soon. And I know that together the pregnancy and the dress will produce a perfect little baby in a cute dress.


Linda said...

SO cute!

Jodi Meadows said...

Cute dress!

Because I apparently can't remember anything for longer than five minutes, how much longer have you got?

picperfic said... cute...sorry you feel out of sorts. When is your baby due?

Nikki Van De Car said...

She's due Christmas Day, poor thing. So ten more weeks. Not terrible.

Sarah said...

hang in there!

beautiful knitting for a beautiful baby.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was born Dec 24th and whenever the complaints began, she was reminded that she had all grandparents and family around for her celebration. Pig roasts were the day before Christmas event and her birthday provided everyone with extra goodies and cheer. Her brothers think she had the better celebrations than they did. Steph in NH