Friday, October 30, 2009

Bella Mitts

Nearly complete Bella's Mittens in Cascade Ecological, which must be one of my favorite yarns ever. It's just so very yarny, with its colors, and its lofty earthiness and its loose twist. It feels like knitting in the mountains or something--this is what knitting ought to be.

And then you go and make wacky mittens with it! The mittens themselves aren't terribly wacky, I suppose, but they're a Christmas gift for RockNoodle. I went down a needle size, so they are much smaller, but not so small that the cuffs won't go all the way up to her elbows (and the mittens will fit her for a while). She'll love them. She's on this kick now that is just so much fun to watch--she cut all her hair off with no warning (I had no warning, anyway), and is experimenting with clothes and scarves and hairstyles. Sometimes more successfully than other times; the insistence on tights under jeans on a 75 degree day was an interesting choice, but she threw a tantrum rather than be dissuaded, so...nobody suffers for it but her. Anyway, these mitts will be just funky and punky enough for her.

She has gotten up the last couple of nights we've had her--it has coincided with days when she didn't take her guess is that the Claritin keeps her breathing, and so she doesn't wake up. But once she's awake, she needs some love. And she shall not be put off, however tired you may be.

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Jodi Meadows said...

The mittens are adorable! I do love the enormous cables...