Monday, March 2, 2009


Certain Kim Hargreaves sweaters are an exercise in head-scratching, frustration, and perseverance. Faith, another of the wonderful Heartfelt patterns, is aptly named, as I often had to reach down into the depths of my soul as I questioned things like yarn choice (I was way off), length and shaping, reverse stockinette, and my ability to do what I just did only backwards (I hate when patterns say to do that, and since Kim Hargreaves patterns are so precise and finicky, I really hate it when she does it).

But, like all Kim Hargreaves sweaters that have come before, it was entirely worth it:

I used Sliver Moon Farm Merino Superwash Fingering in Denim, which is just nothing at all like Rowan Bamboo. Nope, not a bit, not in the slightest. It's thinner, it's less drapey, and it's variegated slightly, and I wasn't sure quite how that would work out. But so many Ravellers complained about the bamboo and it's desire to stretch that I was reluctant to use it. As such, though, it's possible that this sweater is slightly smaller than even it is supposed to be, but it's really comfortable, and so light.

The variegation works well, especially in the edging. I had the hardest time working in reverse stockinette--I kept having to remind myself that the purl side was the right side; it just didn't look as good. But in the finished sweater it looks just fine.

I'm so proud of this sweater it's embarrassing. I took unusual (for me) care with finishing, and really paid attention to how evenly I was picking up the stitches for the collar, and how I sewed the pieces together. Sewing up reverse stockinette is a challenge for sure--the fabric's natural inclination is to curl under, so the seams tend to dip in a bit. I can't think what to do about that--maybe just wear and a few more washings will tae care of it.

I want to make another really complicated sweater now! It's like backpacking--while you're doing it you're wondering what on earth you were thinking and why would anyone want to do this, but then as soon as you've finished you feel so accomplished and want to go again!

Plus, with results like this, who can complain? I love Kim Hargreaves.


Smellyann said...

Wow! It's beautiful, and it looks great on you. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It looks gorgeous on you!!!

Anonymous said...

This sweater looks amazing. I'm truly impressed. Very nice :-)