Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Picture Day

Picture Day is one of only three days out of the year when children go to school very conscious of their attire: the First Day, the Birthday, and Picture Day, and today is Picture Day for Toaster and RockNoodle. Oddly enough, I don't recall that Dave and I have ever had the kids the night before Picture Day, so this was an unusually exciting morning for us.

As luck would have it, we, entirely unknowing, bought Toaster a new shirt and RockNoodle a new dress just a couple of weeks ago. They're both quite neat and stylish, but Toaster and RockNoodle each brought their own special something to the outfit, ensuring their individuality among the sit and pose Picture Day snaps.

RockNoodle, all decked out in her teal and white pouffy dress with matching sweater, waited patiently for me to finish breakfast so I could fix her hair, and asked if she could wear some lipstick. I hedged "a very small amount, I'll put some on you." Of course, when I turned back around, there was a cherub with harlot lipstick. We did some serious blotting, but the hope is that it will fade to be a nice pink by the time photos roll around (girl can't stop herself from licking her lips constantly, so I'm not that worried).

Toaster's new shirt is a snazzy black linen dress shirt (so linen in February doesn't make a lot of sense, but by the time we get the pictures it'll be Spring!) but he had the terrific idea of wearing a tie--and not just any tie. A black, white, and red tie with skulls on. A little preview of the Goth kid he may well become.

RockNoodle's Picture Smile is sometimes a weird little simper, so that'll be funny with the lipstick, and Toaster often just looks demonic, which'll work great. Couldn't have planned it better.

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