Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This is the only picture of the Packing that I have. It was taken one morning while Dave was out getting boxes and newspaper and I was pulling out all the unnecessary glassware and was suddenly struck with how very much unnecessary glassware I have but each of them are loved for their own special reasons (the beautiful green Anthropologie glasses! The Disney mugs from Toaster that we never use because they are huge! The pair of margarita glasses I bought at Williams Sonoma in a fit of insanity when Dave and I wanted to make margaritas at the office--cause you know, we couldn't just have had them in regular cups or something) and I just needed to have a record of it.

That kind of emotional response to Packing has since been suppressed with a Nazi-ish fanaticism. We have Packing to do. Packing does not involve nostalgia. Packing involves efficiency. A ruthless efficiency, like the Spanish Inquisition (I'm just all over the place with my historical similies. And Monty Python references).

We have, at this point, all non-essentials packed. Non-essentials were unfortunately defined to include kids' toys, books, and movies, so they're a little tough to keep occupied. It's partly their own fault--we got them involved in Packing and they threw their whole selves into it. Their room is bare. RockNoodle wanted to pack her bedding, and Toaster wanted to Pack his clothes, until we reminded them that we do have to live there for two more weeks.

they were not satisfied. Their desire to pack was such that last night I presented Toaster with a box and a pile of my shoes and instructed him to gently and reverently pack said box, and he actually did so.

Here's my concern: since we've basically packed all non-essentials, even given that very broad definition that we have given it, Lord help us all, we have nothing to do--no way to entertain ourselves, besides sit like the Bennett family and listen to Mr. Collins read from some improving text. And really we have a lot of essentials (clothes, shoes, some dishes, food, lamps, Firefly) and the thought packing all those up instantly and then unpacking them instantly makes me hyperventilate like Packing did a few weeks ago. Isn't there some way we can do any of that now? Wouldn't it be fine to just wear the same pair of pants for two weeks? Who would notice?

In case anybody is wondering, the yarn is packed. Or some of it is. I left some out. Just in case....the box with the rest of the yarn gets misplaced (despite being marked as YARN AND DRESSES--VIB). Or I somehow manage to knit at terrifying speed despite being entirely occupied with the packing and transporting of boxes and finish the yarn for four pairs of socks, two sweaters and a jumper that I left out.


Anonymous said...

OMG Packing is so fun. I loved doing it with you- especially using the tape thingy.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is been there, done that, too many times to think about. Trust me, just pack. No matter how organized you are, it's all going to end up the same.

As far as the unpacking goes, hopefully you'll get it done. We've been here four years and still have boxes to go through. Good luck!!!!