Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So it's pouring, with winds of 50 mph, and I'm going to The Point at lunch! I don't need a single thing--I'm picking up needles for my boss, my friend Addi is picking up needles, and we're escorting our friend Mary on her first yarn-buying foray (she doesn't knit, but her mom does. We convinced her that yarn makes an excellent Christmas present). I will buy nothing. Not a thing. I don't even think I'll be tempted, as I have so much yarn that I'm excited about at home, and I'm not really a stashy person--I want to knit all my yarn, and if I have too much yarn that I want to knit I get overwhelmed. I'm kinda there already.

I just want to walk in the rain.

Dave tried to convince me to wear my gore-tex coat that my mom bought me years ago (she will remember it well--it's the coat she was always trying to convince me to wear). The thing is--I like the rain. Crazy hooded gore-tex badass rainjackets keep the rain out (which I recognize is the point of them, but it's just not for me.) I'm wearing a normal, mostly-waterproof coat.

Thunder, lightning, rain, walking with friends to a yarn store that I would bet isn't getting much traffic at all on a day like this (and in the month of Rhinebeck)....

However. Mary just told me she doesn't want her mom to think she's buying her yarn so her mom will knit her a scarf (a somewhat legitimate concern) and she doesn't want to come for the walk in the rain just to walk in the rain (completely unreasonable and silly--whyever not?)

Blogging in real time. Next it'll stop raining. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

You are wasting that jacket. (Loud sigh from very rainy Volcano.)