Friday, May 9, 2008


After dyeing my Firefly, I couldn't wait to cast on for it. Obviously I considered Kaylee Socks, (pattern link is not up for some reason) but there is a serious dearth of Firefly knit patterns--since really, how many Jayne hats can you make, and honestly, for whom? Dave has refused one multiple times. Soulless bastard.

So I'm working on an addition to the Theoretical Firefly Knits Collection. Serenity:

Serenity's center swirls echo the burst of gas from the ship's erm, accelerator? Exhaust system? I'm not quite dorky enough to know for sure.

Off to edges are smaller cable twists, which were inspired by the canyons and valleys Wash is always having to dive down into and navigate through.

I'm thinking about trying to tuck some sort of leaf-on-the-wind pattern into the heel. Because, let's face it, I really am that dorky.

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