Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Rearrangement of Needles

I love phrases like "a smack of jellyfish" and "an exhaltation of larks," "a conspiracy of ravens" and (my personal favorite) "a neverthriving of jugglers." But there doesn't seem to be anything of knitters or needles. I'm sure the Harlot would think of something supremely funny (or perhaps already has and I just need to look through her archives).

But for me, today, a rearrangement of needles is perfectly suitable.

Things have gotten out of hand in the land of Nikki's Knitting, and it's time to take back the night.

1) No more dreams about trying to get the kids off to school while also trying to dye yarn. Never in my right mind would I try to do those two things at the same time, and it's time my subconscious figured that out.

2) Stop obsessing about what would be the best possible earthly use of the malabrigo and just freaking knit with it already.

The problem was that I had a vision. A vision of me, on my honeymoon in Hanalei, Kauai, wrapped in something soft and elegant and light and beautiful, and yet tropical (and inexpensive enough that wearing it on a beach didn't seem the height of retardedness). But the problem was that the store I bought it from only had the one skein in China colorway, and I have to start knitting another shawl immediately (Laminaria. It will be my Something Blue). So I needed something simple, and small, but I wanted it to be invented by me (despite the very obvious fact that Lace Ribbon was the perfect pattern). And what would it look like? What would perfectly represent my vision?

And so forth. It was asinine.

I cast on last night. It's a lace rib pattern, and it's lovely and soft and perfect. And simple. (And don't my nails look nice?)

3) It's time to wrap up some damn projects already.

So I finished Haruha.

Note my referential chair photograph. Not as nice as the original.

I gave RockNoodle her Earth Day Socks.

She doesn't really look like she's going to save the world there--more like she's plotting how to take it over. (With her winning smile, of course).

She loved the socks. And insisted on sleeping in them, in spite of it being Way. Too. Hot for wool socks. We have heat, and down comforters. Seriously.

4) Limit the number of projects I take on.

This will be accomplished by:

--Not knitting anymore socks for a while. It's Spring. Pick 'em back up later, once I've done everything I need to do.

--Not buying anymore yarn that I have to knit with immediately.

--Any emergency knitting that somebody needs me to do can either wait, or pay me a lot of money.

--Getting friends of mine to stop having babies.

That is my plan. Wish me luck.

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