Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sassenach Knits


I have been incommunicado. But it was for a good reason! 
I have put together a little collection of knitting patterns, inspired by Outlander. There's so much good knitting on that show! I didn't copy anything (much as I wanted to) but there are lots of cables and strange construction and textures and a number of figure-hiding swingy shapes and a few very, er, bust-enhancing shapes as well.
Here's a peek, and for more details, go here!


toni p1 said...

love the designs [and the show:)]. Can't wait to try something. decisions, decisions

toni p1 said...

Went to Ravelry. Book is sold out. Is there any way to get it? Would prefer not to buy patterns individually.

Nikki Van De Car said...

Hey--yeah...that's just cause I don't have any idea how to use Ravelry properly. It's just an ebook, and I'd originally intended to have the whole thing as a pdf for download, but Ravelry can't support that. The price of the book as a whole is $20, and if you email me at, let's talk through how to use paypal and I'll just sell it to you directly!

I'm so glad you like all the patterns :)

Flossie Brown said...

Amazing patterns! You have a talent. It's not like writing essays for college essay writing service. Knitting brings more joy that writing.

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knitnut said...

I have bought both of her books What To Knit-- and the toddler book I found her pattern are more complicated than most instead of yo she used yf ---and the worst thing is there is no way of contacted her .

Most instruction can be found on U-Tube but I could not find any answer for her instructions. As most author or designer have an email address for clients to contact . and ever her publisher Running Press does't even have her name nor contact information. I really regretted buying her 2 books.