Thursday, September 25, 2014

Well, We Tried

Continuing the theme of recapping our summer since we didn't talk about it at all while it was happening, we grew watermelons!

We ate a watermelon, and then planted the seeds in a pot, and they grew and everything!


And then we tried to eat one.  It was pretty gross.

After that, we let them get as big as they could before trying them...

But a bug beat us to it.

Oh well.  We did eat lots of other watermelons that we bought at the farmer's market, so we weren't deprived or anything.


Edited to add:  JUST KIDDING!!

Inspired by this depressing post, Willow and I picked that holey watermelon and cut into it and away from the hole and lo and behold:

It is pink!  And delicious!  Pinkily delicious!


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