Friday, September 12, 2014

And I Promised You Summer Recaps

It being such a brutally busy Summer, Dave surprised me with a weekend at the Catskills at the very end.  He found us a cabin that with no people anywhere (though we could hear horses, dogs, and oddly, a peacock.) 
We interacted with as few humans as possible, and spoke to bugs instead.

We visited a stream, where Willow splashed and I took pictures.  In case you hadn't already figured it out, there will be lots of pictures in this post.  Be glad I didn't just upload the entire album.
Willow made friends with moss.

And fire.
And s'mores.
And more moss.
And salamanders.

We saw beautiful waterfalls.
And old barter gas.
Willow refused to take this scarf off the entire trip.  It was disgusting by the end.  But she was still beautiful.
We went to Storm King where I have always wanted to go and it was magical.

Alien creatures walked among us.
Yep, they did.

And then we came home, at peace with the world and its car alarms.

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